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My very first #Alocasia .
Today I took the plunge and purchased one of my wishlist plants. #alocasiablackvelvet .. any tips and tricks to keep this baby alive? I’ve never owned an alocasia before, but I’m excited for this new journey. #AlocasiaAddicts #BlackVelvetAlocasia
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Humidity/pebble tray underneath the plant and just love the alocasia it’s just a beautiful plant and if you see it bloom a flower fertilize and/or decide to chop it off because it’s used to pollinate to make more plant just google/YouTube how and boom you got a lot of plants also check the root system it looks happy asf I’d keep the soil as well! Good luck and happy alocasia-ing
It’s so beautiful!
I have one to she's my baby I rescued her
Good luck @NMazon
I have one and they are very dramatic lolz… I lost 2 leaves when I brought her home but now I think she’s happy…
I have one and am still figuring it out. Be patient, have all draining soil and enjoy while you can!

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