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Excited for my new copiapoas!

I'm trying to limit my cactus purchases because we are approaching our Ohio cold season, but I couldn't pass up these little copiapoas when I saw them in various EAS ebay auctions. You just can't find these where I am. These three get to live together for a couple growing seasons and then they'll be ready to move out on their own! C. Dealbata, C. Grandiflora, and C. Humilis v. Paposoensis together in their 'poa pot.
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5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
They are so perfect! Not a flaw in sight
They are cute ðŸĨ°
This is a very nice arrangement LOVE IT 😍
Super cute ðŸĪ“ love the setup
Thanks all, I'm excited to see them develop
@FlawlessCassava that purpley one is C. Dealbata aka Carrizalensis

It's my favorite for the contrast of the spines