Posted 1w ago by @KikiGoldblatt

#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PetsAndPlants I have to show off this beautiful Belgian Malinois Wick. He’s becoming really attached to me. He’s 100 lbs. sheesh what a dog. Very sweet and loving. #DogsOfGreg
Hi Wick!! He’s gorgeous…Belgians are so regal. I’m so glad you have a new friend!!!
Kiki don't forget #DogsOfGreg !!!
@TJphilobsessed I love Malinois they are such sweet dogs. I want Rick (my first ex husband) the guy I’m living with to teach him to attack. He’s a cop and also works for the US Marshals. So I’m in safe hands.
@RJG thank you. I forgot about that one.
@KikiGoldblatt That’s a beautiful dog! Glad you have some protectors!
@KikiGoldblatt 😍🥰💞💯
@TJphilobsessed ugh I misspelled his name but changed it. His name is Wick. I fat fingered it. 😂
@KikiGoldblatt either way! 😂
He looks like the goodest boy! 💙 Hi Wick, take care of our dear friend.
@KikiGoldblatt he is Beautiful!! Malinois are great protectors!!

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