Posted 1M ago by @arc66

My aloe plant seems extremely droopy lately. Under a grow light and I think I overwatered last week so I’m trying to dry it out. Hopefully someone experienced with aloe can help me. My first one ever and I’m not sure what I’m doing. Thanks.
1ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Just let it dry out a while. The soil needs to feel dry before you water it again. If you think you overwatered it last week, it needs more time before another watering. They are tough plants and actually might prefer a little neglect vs attentive care lol!
Hi Annie!

There are a few reasons that aloe can droop. Overwatering is one of them.

Have there been any other changes, or did this really start after the watering incident?

Some of the other things that can make it droop are overwatering, shock (think sudden temp changes or repotting), or incorrect lighting. I want to make sure we help you rule anything else out πŸ™‚
Thanks! I’m not used to ignoring my plants but I guess I’ll have to ignore this one for a while lol.
@PlantMompy what’s the best lighting for aloe? It’s currently under a grow light and near a west facing window.
They are desert dwellers, so they can do well with lots of light. That said, if they aren't used to it they can burn.

I don't see anything on your plant that looks like burn. If it has been under the light for a long time it's probably acclimated already and not something you need to worry about.
@PlantMompy I have the same issue. New leaves will grow straight. Afterwards it will droop. Is drooping associated with light it receives?