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Do you guys know what type of alocasia this is? The other one at the store were more black. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #PLANTMAFIA #PlantID #AlocasiaAmazonica #AlocasiaLongiloba #AlocasiaScalprum #PlantShelfie #PlantCorner
@SummerLily07 it might be a Macrorrhizos.
@SummerLily07 does it look similar to this one?
@RJG @Kiersten @alex can you 3 see if you can identify this plant. I ran it thru Google Lens and found that it could possibly be a Macrorrhizos. I really don’t know if that’s correct.
This is a regal shield
@KikisOasis it has the same structure of a Polly, but someone said that it isn’t. the others at the store were almost jet black tho. I just got this one cuz it was cute and was in the best shape
@cjred it’s similar, but the leaf structure is alittle different, and it shouldn’t stay as green. But thx 😊
Yap because now the leaf still in juvenile form πŸ˜… so it can be identical to some alocasias
@cjred ya that’s why I’m having trouble identifying it. Oh well I’ll just have to wait till it’s older to know for sure.
Look at Maya in my oasis they may be related,

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