Posted 1M ago by @Yeeha234

What the fucculent?!? #greggang this ain’t right….
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AHH! That's some kind of nefarious infringement! Who's gonna name their app "carl" anyway?!

Two birds. One stone. #plantjokes
Wait- what are you doing searching for other plant apps, @Yeeha234 ? 🤔😉
@sarahsalith this is great- 😂 But also…. CARL!?
@sarahsalith I wasn’t!!! It came up as an ad on FB!!! I was immediately horrified!!!
@sarahsalith 😂😂😂😂 excellent!
@tango I’ve never met a Carl I liked….Greg is GREGARIOUS! Wtf is CARL short for?!? It’s infringement #greggang #gregteam These impersonators must be stopped!!
@sarahsalith AS IF!!! I can’t believe you let that thought in your head! I am offended!!! I am a lifer and I have a bunch more new plants to add! They will not be rid of me EVER!!

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