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*Volume to 11*
*Enter Lion King Circle Of Life*
“Nants ingonyama bagithi baba”(the first note really hits)

#NewGrowth #Monstera
So will this one's name be Simba 👀
@RJG in theory! I need to be able to post bulk plants to my collection without stepping through the onboarding for each plant and waiting for the Ai identification versus manually inputting the species. Like a draft state. Doing them one at a time when there’s over 200 is a little daunting
@ForFoxSake a little birdy (me) is telling you to wait just a few more weeks on that 👀
Haha! I love it!!
Oh my gosh!!!!
Where did you purchase your node if you don’t mind me asking and how much? I’m kinda in the dark about how much one should actually be and where to properly purchase and not get scammed 😂
@Mrgncrch purchased local for $130 from a seller I’ve purchased from often. It’s very important to get an albo with good genetics versus a random impulse purchase. Too much albo and it’s going to die. Not enough it will likely revert.

This is my first albo monstera personally. The unrooted nodes are a fun challenge if you’re up for it. I went this route because I want to see it grow from seedling but I’ve heard it can take up to 2 years for a fenestrated leaf since these grow slower than usual

If you want instant gratification it pays to spend a little more on a top cut that has the perfect colors for you. Each leaf is one of a kind so let it find you.

Top cuts will produce new leaves that are mature and fenestrated where as mid cuts will produce juvenile leaves for a indefinite period of time.

I also wanted something small since I don’t have room to let the monstera live it’s best life at the moment.

This picture is of a mid cut I purchased for $145 the node hasn’t activated yet but it’s been 1 pretty leaf for a while and stable and healthy roots so it’s nice to look at while you wait for new growth. Worth the extra $15-$50 to see the leaf or grow from scratch? That’s subjective.
@ForFoxSake Is this the one you activated recently via #clubkeiki, or no?
@ForFoxSake That's a lot of growth in a month for a slow moving beast like a node.

Between the keiki paste and the Clonex you'll cut that fenstration timeline in half
@tmbryant37 I’m experimenting with it. Had to get my own bc my wife would probably murder me if I went experimenting on her #1 wishlist plant
@ForFoxSake Yeah, living is good so probably best that you didn't touch hers
@tmbryant37 I don’t even make eye contact with it really or her radar goes off and she wants to know what I’m looking at 😂
@ForFoxSake Have you gotten your greenhouse back or have you conceded it to your wife?
Omg that is so pretty that is literally my dream pretty😍

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