Posted 3w ago by @GatherandGrow

My husband bought a larger pump this weeeknf and got the sink fountain up and running! I love it! #plantsofthe40thstreetbungalow #SpringIntoSummer
This is wonderful Elizabeth!
So creative! Are the begonias in a pot in the galvanized tub? Or directly in water?
@RJG thank you!
I so thankful for my husband! I get big ideas and he figured out how to make them happen!
@MariansOasis they are actually sitting in water in glass mason jars. The mason jars are just under the water level.
@GatherandGrow Oh this is super smart
@GatherandGrow very cool!
@RJG thanks! I did think up that part! ☺️
@MariansOasis thank you so much!

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