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Any effective solutions to get a cat to stop eating your plants that won’t harm the plants? Or cat.
1) Hang your most expensive plants from the ceiling or high curtain rod (be sure location is unreachable by climbing up on, or launching off furniture), and 2) give your cat a decoy plant like cat grass; inexpensive, non-toxic and something to take their attention off all the other plants
Is your cat eat every plant or does it prefer just one?
@ReallyGastoria quite a few different ones.
Your best option would be a terrarium for those selected few. You may prolong habitual nuisance but you’ll only be doing just that- prolonging.
I just have all of my plants out of reach from my cats. Fill an entire surface with plants and the cat can’t jump up and eat it 😉😂

You can also go the cabinet route which is what I did for many of mine.

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