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How’s that no-buy working out for you? Well…tried a new place the Nodes. Nice plants but not quite #plantproper abundance 😚🥰. Must have been on sale. Finally got my snek plant and Chinese evergreen #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #Aglaonema #SnakePlant #SansevieriaSaturday
Love a good snek! 🐍
I’m not sure why I went with this new nursery. Dubious decisions on sleepless nights at 4:20 am 😎😜🤪. I know I’d have gotten nicer plants at a similar price from #plantproper Lesson learned 😘 I do like this sansevieria Whitney. I didn’t know why it caught my eye—- then I saw that it’s the reverse of most with solid green inside leaf and variegated edges
Forgot to add pic
Still pretty !!
Yup 😍
I like it
@Annasea I love the color/pattern on this one
Your snek is beautiful!!
It's gorgeous. I just bought 2 plants from a different place. Almost ordered from Nodes but, decided to one closer to my state. I wish I did now. One was so infected when I received it. Just 2 days later the other one had spots of disease spreading all over. I was so sad because it's such a beautiful snake. Each was the size of yours. Not any more. Hopefully I can save some of it.

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