Posted 1M ago by @jaysjungle

I have to share this little guy a new local plant friend and artist made for me with the hat in my favorite color amd a plant for this bearded Plant Dad who's secretly a gnome! πŸ˜†
Got can follow her at @bumbellos on IG:

She'll have an Etsy shop open soon hopefully, she does ship currently! Can't wait to go pick this up Saturday! He'll look great with my baby #marimo Moss Ball and some tiny #hoyas!
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Omg! Thanks and this is super cute! I wanted a gnome for my garden outside but I can’t find one worthy. I’ll have to look! Thanks for sharing!
@FitSedum these are tiny, like 2-3 inches. I want a cool gnome for the yard too. May make one from wood.
@jaysjungle I like the tiny ones!
I'm obsessed with gnomes and he is too adorable! 😹πŸ₯Ί I am on my way to follow her IG right now. I can't wait to buy one of these little guys! Thank you for sharing!
Love it!