Posted 3d ago by @GardenWitch

New all pink leaf unfurling on my Syngonium Strawberry Ice. #Syngonium #FreshLeafFriday
Please keep us updated on the growth of your Strawberry Ice! I’m obsessed with them 😍
That is pretty, actually haven't seen one with those colours before, those colours are spectacular πŸ’žπŸ₯°
@kscape Will do! I was definitely picky in the one I chose because of how muddy they can look. Got this one on a fb purge for a great deal because it was only one torn leaf but the coloring I could see on the leaf I definitely liked.
This is the original leaf. Glad I took the risk. 😁
Pic is having trouble uploading.
Beautiful, Ive never seen one before. I’ll be keeping my eyes out now.

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