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I went to Lowes for moss pole supplies. I impressively didn't leave with a new plant. As a reward I saw A REAL LIFE FUCKING OWL!!! I've never seen an owl before. It was so small and chill. We have them in the desert but in 25 years I've lived in Vegas, this is the first one I've ever seen.
Upon further research I have discovered this is a Burrowing Owl. So frickin cool. πŸ€“
Ugh so cute !!!
And I thought the resident cat "Sam" at my Home Depot was cool! This is ridiculously cool!
cute little guy πŸ₯Ί it’s amusing how long his legs look in the last pic lmao
Wannabe ornithologist that I am, I love me an interesting bird sighting!

πŸ¦‰ These little fellas are different from most other owls in that they are active during the day. They're also one of the smallest.

Good thing you needed plant supplies or you would have missed out on seeing him! ☺️

Great photos!!
Yeah it can be rare to see them because they always seem to be active and hunting at night. And when they fly its silent so you won’t even know they are there, unless they are hooting to another one. I have seen them in the mall parking lot nearby calling to each other. There was two or three on the tall light poles for the parking lot. Way up there. Probably for mating purposes is my guess. Other than that I occasionally cross one walking by them on the bridge nearby or I will get lucky and see the huge wingspan while they fly to another tree or something. They are one of the best silent and camouflaged predators that ever existed. Definitely won’t have to worry about too many snakes or rodents while they are on watch. Even other birds are terrified and stay away usually. Because they will eat them too. Pretty rare occurrence to actually get to see one. I’ve seen more wild hogs in the same mall parking lot than I have owls. I’ve seen a pack of 20 hogs running in the mall parking lot right here in the middle of a major city. But only have seen a handful or so of owls in my entire life in the city here. They are definitely one of the smartest animals on the planet. Only animals that are more intelligent are chimpanzees and dolphins possibly.

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