Posted 1Y ago by @Madoku_chan

What kind of plant is Phlebodium 'Davana'?

Does anyone have any idea what kind of plant this is? It didn’t come with an info card for it, and I’ve been wondering what exactly it is for awhile now. I’ve gotten mixed answers, so I’m not sure. Most commonly suggested is that it’s a blue star fern, but I feel like the leaves are different… Thanks! #identifymyplant #FernFriends #WhatPlantIsThis
20ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
Best Answer
It could be a form of blue star fern, Phlebodium aureum Davana, they have those lovely ruffled leaves. The rhizomes and way the fronds emerge look right. I've got one but not as big as yours. 💕🌿
@LuxuryMint I just looked it up, and that looks like it! I got mine from Target and it seems to really like where it sits in my office, because it’s gotten at least nine new leaves and seems pretty happy. Thank you for sharing!!❤️