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ok yall. I'm starting a small hobby with hopes of maybe making some extra cash. I have a severely Autistic 2 year old and some of his therapys medicaid simply just doesn't pay for. COUSTOM flower pots ANY SIZE and pick your own colors. cool right?! 😎
Cant wait to see the finished projects!
Very cool!
Very nice 😊
@kris10nicolee Very nice. Autistic children are supposed to be very smart and creative. I know several who are. Please keep us updated on the progress of the custom flower 🌸 pots. I definitely would love to see them.
yall are witness to my very first one. I figured I'd do a few different sizes and color schemes and post on etsy. yall cross your fingers. but even if nothing comes from that, my porch will have 34 blinged out pots 😍πŸ€ͺπŸ˜„
I'd totally get some! I will love to see what you're going to come up withοΏΌ!

Are you going to make an Etsy store?οΏΌ
@sarahsalith I'm going to post some pics of the finished products on my social media accounts and if i get enough positive feedback then yes I will start one. if not I'd be happy to make you some Just cause πŸ˜€
Aw! You're the sweetest, Kris! β™₯️ I'm not on social media except for Greg. Just remember to tag me if you start selling them- I'm onboard.

I can't wait to see your pictures!! Your new plants are going to look amazing in the pots!
that is such a cool idea!! they look great :)
@sarahsalith you've heard of epoxy tumblers right????
@kris10nicolee the plastic cups with tops?
@sarahsalith these
I got some new materials to start with.

but anyway- @sarahsalith I'm gonna try to do flower pots like the epoxy cups
Those are gonna be amazing!! I found this a while back, but I never got around to doing anything with it:
@sarahsalith I have the stuff to do that now

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