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Repotting tips for string of raindrops?

thinking of repotting this into this new hanging pot 😁 I’ve never repotted anything so any tips would be lovely before I buy any soil, etc πŸ₯ΉπŸ€ ! Thank you 🫢🏼 #StringOfRaindrops #HappyPlants #homedepotfind #GregGang #TrailingPlants #SucculentLove #StringOfTearDrops
3” pot with drainage
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You need succulent soil, a pot with drainage (2.5" bigger in diameter than the old pot) , and a long knife. repotting should be done in the evening. Wait till the soil is dry. Make the new pot with the new soil (on the bottom only) ready. Slide the knife on the inside of the old pot to separate the pot from the plant. Turn the pot upside down and very gently, using the force of gravity, remove the plant from the pot. Do not pull; slide the knife again if necessary. Put the plant in the new pot. Put more soil around the plant. The plant should sit comfortably just below the rim of the new pot. Push the soil on the side of the plant gently to remove air from the soil.
Water the plant (some people say don't water straight after repotting, but I learned it to be wrong the hard way). Put the plant in the bright indirect light.

Good luck πŸ‘