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Found this huge monstera deliciosa at a local plant shop for $30, prices here in Texas at least from what I’ve seen range from $80-120 for this size. It had a few broken leaves but that’s ok 🙃👌🏼 comment ur best price finds… #MonsteraMob #Monstera #DEALS
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Found my ppp for 40 dollars at my local nursery. Considering they go for double that I was over the moon
Wow! Great price! Enjoy your new Monster. (:
@GuyWitPlants OMG what a steal!! It looks like a well cared for plant 🤩 Do you know how old it is? 🪴 😊
@PinguDog I honestly don’t know how old it is 🤷🏻‍♂️ didn’t have a chance to ask
@GuyWitPlants Ah well.
I love your humidifier @GuyWitPlants . You get the steal of the week award
@Teapott73 Yassss thx I love that humidifier too…lol 😂 adds some movement to the room
I found mine Friday night here in Houston at Home Depot for only $25 🤷🏽‍♀️ She’s a BEAUTYYYYY❤️❤️
@PinguDog that’s what I was going to ask. That’s definitely a mature leaf.
Wait where is this? I'm in austin 😂
@RJG It was at red barn garden center in Leander they had two other ones..they had a few damaged leaves as well but still big 🤫
@GuyWitPlants *contemplates a 45 minute drive *😂😂
@RJG Yah I was over in that area for a doctors appointment..and told myself I wouldn’t buy anything if I stopped by there. 😂I’d give ‘em a call and see if they’re still there tho check the price too lol…cause they seemed surprised that the one I bought from them was $30😂…but I believe the other two were priced the same. Nice staff tho 👌🏼 helped me fit the thing in my small hatchback 🚗
What that ro expensive this monstra trust only 10 dollar
In Vietnam
@GeniusLoquat That must be nice to have cheap prices over there…and they thrive probably in that climate
$5 for my pilea peperomoides and the beautiful ceramic pot it came with. What a steal for your monstera.