Posted 3w ago by @PlantEsteem

Took a try at this #plantingonabudget. So I have this small candle holder....a ton of rocks all over, 2 air plants waiting for a home and #hensandchicks giving me tons of babies. Add a little dirt and a window sill....Boom...cute little arrangement for no money spent . #potsthatarenotpots β˜ΊοΈβ™»οΈ 🌱 @kscape ...How did I do?😏🀭
It looks so cute! πŸ₯ΉπŸŒΏ
Thank you @kscape 😊 Always inspiring my creativity with your posts.
Awesome job! Love #potsthatarenotpots!
Thank you @GatherandGrow I forgot about that hashtag. Gonna add ☺️
@PlantEsteem you’re welcome! It is one of my favorite hashtags! πŸ’ž
I had to repot my rubber plant....I had to go get the same cup he was in only bigger! Haha....keeping him no pot. @GatherandGrow
@PlantEsteem awesome!

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