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My beautiful, lush and full #PincushionPeperomia suffered...

My beautiful, lush and full #PincushionPeperomia suffered some wind damage today and I had to do some chopping 🫀 if anyone wants a cutting please let me know #sharingiscaring #propagationstation #happyplants #greggang
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I would adore a cutting, that said I'm not sure how to go about acquiring one. Would it be through the mail perhaps?
Wow! That’s so generous of you!
Oh no! I’m sorry that happened! That’s a neat looking plant!
@AdeptStomatium I hope Emerson recovers! I would also love a cutting if you're in the business of mailing. In any case, thoughtful of you to consider sharing!
@AdeptStomatium @orise yes I will mail them to you. If you want to email me your address I'll get them sent out☺️ I have PLENTY to share so you will both get several pieces. My email is (that's a zero at the end of my name)
Oh yeah more cuts more growth and more plants
I just acquired my first happy bean a few months ago. I love him! He just doesn't grow much at all. Lol