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I am VERY new to being a plant mom and probably should ha...

I am VERY new to being a plant mom and probably should have done more research before buying such a picky plant…. I got this guy at Lowe’s and repotted him within a week of getting him (last month) bc he came in one of the flimsy plastic containers. I have been watering weekly with tap water, which now I’m reading that is really bad for this type of plant 😭 I suspect I’ve also been over watering him and might have some root rot going on. He is looking very sad and his leaves are very flimsy. Any tips to save??? 😭 #RoseCalathea
8ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Hey! So I have a Calathea Dottie and yes, they can be divas but worth it. I used succulent soil and made sure to only water once a week at most. I would say re-pot and try again.
Also, more light.
@LavishKoa should I let it fully dry before replanting?
Do you have any new pictures of the plant? Yes calatheas might be a little picky. And overwatering is a risk as they can't really dry out either😅 (Especially if you have it in a pot without drainage!)
Most important is to plant it in a pot with drainage and well-draining soil that also keeps some moisture. Water when top inch is dry, never let it dry completly out.

They also need humidity to thrive, above 50% should be fine for most of them.

Place away from any drafts and heaters. And away from any direct sun, as the leaves burn easily☀️

The tap-water thing is a little induvidual I think. But the calatheas might react to chemicals or minerals in your water. So if you have hard or alkaline water you should consider watering with destilled or rain-water. Usually you will see a layer on your plants leaves if there is any built-up from the water or soil that it doesn't like (like dried water-stains).🪴💚

If you do suspect root-rot, it is better to inspect sooner rather than later. Remove all soil and check for black and mushy roots and remove them and treat with a fungicide. Give it new airy soil in a pot with drainage (important).
Remove leaves to mirror whats left of the roots. (often it can't manage to keep the leaves alive if most of the roots are dead.)
Placing the plant in a "humidity-box" might help the remaining leaves survive when the roots recover. (Place it in a transparent bucket or plastic bag to up the humidity).
@MockingJay thank you for the info and guidance! these are my most recent pictures! Most of the leaves have some type of damage. If it happens to not have root rot would you trim those off? I’ve got him in a corner of my dinning room that is off set from a window so I don’t think the lighting is the issue. I’ve been reading a lot today - I live in KY and spring/summer is so humid here so hopefully that’ll be good for him.
@Lexih hmm, I do think it is likely that it is a watering-issue. If there is no drainage the bottom roots often stands too long in water.

Most of the leaves don't look too bad, but I would definitly cut the one on the third picture with the large brown spot in the center. The first one just looks like mechanical damage.

You don't have a cold floor where it stands?😅 Also it might want just a little more light if it is very dark in that corner. It is a sience with these plants😅🪴
I do have a stand that it sits on the bottom of(peep my gorgeous ivy🥰🥰). And you can kinda see how much light it gets in this picture as well. I’m going to get some better draining soil, a different pot, and check for root rot and hopefully that will help!

Thank you so much for your advice.