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Sōngshù’s #BeforeAndAfter #Pruning Edition)

I thought my #CrassulaTetragona deserved his own appreciation post for going through a severe pruning on July 5, 2022. He’s been doing (and looking!) so good that I wanted to show him off to the #GregGang 🥹💖

📸First picture taken Today. Second picture taken July 5✨
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5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
So cute 😻😻😻
The OG #BonsaiSuccs
@RJG I keep forgetting the darn tag 😩😩 but yes 🤩
@WickedValkyrie ty 🥹 how are ur baby succs doing?
Most of them are doing great. (: We lost a few due to the stupid scale bugs I had a while ago, but the ones that survived are doing well. (: I'll try to get some pics up soon, I've just been so tired and lazy lately 😅
That looks fantastic!😊
It’s adorable! I want to add tiny figurines in there, as if people are hanging out in the woods… 😉
@BeesZenGarden you mean like these? 🤭🍄🐣🐓🐿️🧸
@WickedValkyrie I also had 4-5 succs die to Scale in the last month 😭😭 including my rainbow elephant bush 😩
@CoolNoblefir Thank you sm! 😁
Those figurines!😊💕
😭 stupid bugs!!!
Wow that looks great!!
Omg SO good. And what a CUTE little plant!
OMG!! The 🐥🐥🐥 are so cute! And the 🐿 and 🍄!… Yup, some woodland creatures are dying to move in there!… 😄
It is looking SO amazing Dariana!!! Just like the forest you want it to be! @kscape Very worthy of its own post.

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