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I’M NEW TO FERTILIZERS 🪴 so I think my plants would appreciate a little extra nutrients, especially those who have been in their pots with the same soil for a long while, I’ve watch some videos on YouTube about fertilizing but I’m still not confident enough to start.
Would this #Fertilizer work for all my plants? (I Know not to use it for succulents and air-plants) any advice? #HappyPlants
Christa we are about to release smart fertilizer reminders just like our smart watering reminders.

As for now. I've never used the spikes the the pump one should be good for succulents and airplants. Just follow the instructions on the packaging!
The pump one is pretty good and works for my plants. Just check to make sure there isn’t a little tab covering the opening of the pump. There was one on mine and I was trying to pump it until it blew up in my face 🥲
I’ve used the spikes and I actually do see a difference in my hoyas. You just pop them in and water as per usual and then take them out and replace when necessary ☺️
Your plant card does tell you if your plant likes to be fertilized, which I find super helpful!
@PlantMompy I didn’t know that!! Will check that out right away!
I too am striving to elevate my plant parent game. My plant food arrived today so I was looking through who would like some tomorrow with their water!
Using new fertilizers makes me feel a little uneasy, i’ve been using liquidirt fertilizer as it’s gentle and claims to not burn plants. Let us know how this fertilizer works for your plants ☺️✌🏽

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