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I have lithopsFEVER!
Please share any tips or just share a picture of your cute lithops πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸͺ¨ #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Lithops #SucculentSquad
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Lithops can be tricky. They need to be planted in substrate that is only 10% soil and 90% grit (pumice works greatβ€”make sure the pieces are very small). They have seasonal cycles. In spring (now), they have just finished their annual split, and you can begin watering them. (ALWAYS water a couple times after repotting.) You can water every 10 days or so until summer dormancy, which occurs when nights get over 67 degrees. Keep in mind that Lithops WILL NOT absorb water or have their normal metabolic functions unless night temps are under 67 degrees. They enjoy temperature swings between day and night. Leave them completely dry during the height of summer. In the fall, you can begin watering again, being mindful of the temperature. They bloom in fall if old enough. As winter approaches, around November, stop watering again. They are preparing for the annual split. They begin splitting in winter and a new set of leaves emerges from the center. Do not water at all until the old leaves are dried up paper thin, into husks. They will shrivel away, and by then it is spring again, and you can resume watering.
Okay- your picture makes me want to get one! It's so cute!!
@sarahsalith I ordered this one and a couple more off Etsy.
@Esmeralda thanks!
Prior to split
Mid split
After splitting (old leaves are GONE)
First day of having Dax. He’s a little bit wrinkled on one side now but I think it’s because that side always faces the sun so I turned him.
This is my cutie butt πŸ₯°
@Jana85 thanks, this definitely helps!
@theCorncob @HoyaAddict I love them!
i really want a lithops haha, but a very specific cultivar!! ive yet to find any but it’s called lithops olivacea and they look like green gummies

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