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My Corn plant is growing mushrooms... Does anyone know why this is happening lol
12” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
Has to be the amount of moisture most likely. Is the soil wet for long periods of time? May need quicker draining and drying soil
I thought that at 1st but I don't water it very often and it's in a cactus Mixture
@SirLiquorice is right.

How much do you water it and how often? You might just want to be aware of the situation.

Ordinarily, I say mushrooms are a compliment: you have healthy, moist soil. (:
@crazycatlady23 yeah mycelium actually helps plants grow tremendously and isn’t a bad thing. But they definitely don’t grow without a decent amount of moisture. Usually only pop up after it rains in the wild or I have grown them indoors but they have to be kept in a humid Tupperware or ziplock bag. But that means your soil is good and has the compost needed and nut. If the plant doesn’t show any signs of anything bad then I wouldn’t worry about it. Do you have a soil moisture meter? I use two different ones. And sometimes I will be very surprised that my cacti which are in good draining cactus soil will still be wet. Some will be completely dry and others still wet and I have to snooze instead of water.
If you haven’t seen this video it was very interesting and informative. Have you seen this one @sarahsalith ?
Mushrooms are just the fruit of the actual fuzzy living stuff underneath. That’s a good sign when they pop up as far as soil quality. But some plants will rot in those same conditions
The fuzzy stuff underneath is the actual plant basically and when it grows big enough and has the right compost added then the fruit starts to form if humid enough. Doesn’t even need to be light present. And they breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide like people do. The opposite of plants. Super weird
So basically you have to have a decent amount of that white fuzzy stuff underneath that mushroom in the soil. Which means it’s getting enough water somehow and not drying fast. But if the plant is happy you shouldn’t change a thing. The mycelium will help the plant grow better and can even help give it water if it needs it. And it helps the plants talk to each other. They will let other plants know if they have a bug infestation so they release the chemicals or hormones or whatever to repel the bugs. And it weird they communicate thru that fuzzy white mycelium hidden underneath
If your plant still l looks all super nice and green and healthy like it does in that pic you’re doing everything right. Don’t change a thing. Keep doing what you’re doing

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