Posted 1M ago by @grandmaBee

Confession I do use another app that has some really cool features. Where I am Able to keep progress and notes. It's been helpful to get to know my plants.
we just released a new update that allows you to take notes on your plant card!

you can add notes to a plant by going to the bottom of whichever plant you wish to add a note to and hitting the +. I circled it in the screenshot.

If you hit track progress the app will have you take a picture and then tag how the plant with a number of options including "thriving" and "new growth"
@RJG oh great! Now I can do it here! Thank you
Hmm my phone is an android. When I go to my Oasis and open my plant this is what shown at the bottom I guess I don't have the update
@grandmaBee oh I'm sorry. the android update should be out shortly! I believe in the next few days.

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