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[not my pic]
thinking about the ceropegia sandersonii rn… man i love botany!!!!
[apparently they have these parachute shaped flowers as a pitfall trap for flies. however they don’t eat the flies, it’s just to make sure the fly is fully coated in the plants pollen! the fly is released once the flower dies off and the structure is gone. if anyone from the #gregteam or scientists in the community could verify this info or add on id love to hear more!] #PlantAddict
@strawberrymoon it looks like an African Parachute Plant.
@KikiGoldblatt yep!! that’s what it is :D fun fact, string of hearts is also a ceropegia👀
whoa @Kiersten have you heard of this?
@alex and @martin probably would think this is super cool too
WOWOWOW this is so cool!! Thanks for sharing @strawberrymoon

I’ll have to look into it and see what other cool things this plant has to share!
@Kiersten yess please do!!! ive been studying plant science things lately and i wanna know more

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