Posted 3w ago by @emmybee

#GregFeedback #GregTeam #GregApp I’ve been trying to add a new Caladium variant for a few days now, but I get stuck on the “Publish” screen every time. Rosé is a Caladium Splash of Wine… what am I doing wrong?
2” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
Hey Emmy,

You're not doing anything wrong we have a bug right now. I will look into adding this for you first thing in the morning!
@RJG Can you also add Philodendron Patriciae please?
@RJG and these as well please:
Philodendron Erubescens Chocolate

Philodendron Verrucosum J.C.L.

Philodendron Rubrocinctum Platinum
@RJG No rush! Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t me. ☺️ Thank you!!
@AwesomePlants You can add them on your own once the bug is resolved! It’s super easy!
Hey Emmy and @AwesomePlants all these should be available now! Thanks for your patience!
@RJG Thank you!!!
@emmybee you're welcome!
@RJG I updated, but still getting stuck at the same stage. I’m on an older iPhone - not ALL of Greg’s features are seamless - so maybe that’s the issue?
@emmybee oh I'm sorry. I meant I added the plant for you!

Sorry we haven't had a chance to fix the add plant bug yet.
@RJG OH!! Thank you for adding!! 🤗

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