Posted 1M ago by @TastefulMizuna

Hii! Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? I can include a pic of the mother plant, it’s kind of a bad picture but you get the point. :)

It doesn’t seem to require almost any light. The mother plant got to that size in a dark room with a north facing window.
Looks a bit like a trailing Jade, Peperomia Rotundifolia but don't have one myself so it's a bit of a guess!
It's a peperomia rotundifolia...The mother plant is amazing!
@Sassylimey gonna have to add this to my wishlist! 🪴😌
Looks like a creeping Jenny to me. I had one last summer like the mother and I planted it in the fall. It just popped up this weekend.
@Sassylimey I was thinking the same thing. But mine doesn’t have the pink stems like Rotundifolia, could it be a light thing? And i know the mother plant is sooo pretty, i hope i can get mine like that ;)
@TastefulMizuna yours is a peperomia rotundifolia 'Yerba Linda's which doesn't have the pink stems. The creeping Jenny - Lysimachia nummulari has the pink stems.
@Sassylimey Oh okay, thank you!

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