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I DIDN’T TAKE A PHOTO YET BECAUSE IT’S NIGHT TIME BUT MY PLANT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I’M DYING IT’S SO PERFECT! @jcPlantProper I already put the cutting in moss so it would propagate. You think that’s a idea? Any other ideas that might be better?
Also: what Hoya is it? 😋😍☺️
Can't wait to see!
Such a tease with the no picture!!!🤣🤣🤣 anxiously awaiting an update ....
Use flashlight 🔦 and a flash or something. We need to see it now. Lol. I keep having to mess with my phone settings to try and get good night pics. Surprisingly sometimes I can get decent pics at night. But if there’s no light at all then probably not. Unless maybe with the flash
Ohhhh one of the albos 🤩🤩
Oh she is magnificent!!!! Worth the wait!!!🤩🤩
Yeah the moss is fine. Lemme see the cutting? I think it’s the curtsii. I have one to @rjg and @AwesomePlants so far!
@jcPlantProper here’s the Hoya :)
@Kaleyeeaah ihhhh YEAHHHH !! That’s the Hoya Australis Lisa!
@jcPlantProper 🥹 IT’S BEAUTIFUL

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