Posted 4d ago by @kevinkiklee

Added growlights underneath my cabinet to store some propagation boxes. Experimenting with Begonia stem/leaf propping right now. #kevinkiklee #ikeacabinet #Milsbo #Begonia
Omg! I have a quick question about propagating begonia if you could help me! I found a single leaf poka dot begonia petiote and I saw somewhere that you can prop from that I’ve have sitting in water for a couple weeks now and haven’t seen at root growth but the leaf looks fine, do you know if it’s actually possible to prop begonia that way? Thank you!
Brilliant! Didn't even think of this I've tried water propagating begonia one time and it took forever and like a month root. that's why I'm trying soil this time.
@kevinkiklee oh awesome! I’ve never had luck propagating with soil but I think I just always forget to keep it moist πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
I rearranged my wire shelving unit so that I could put my seed trays underneath with lights! Great idea @kevinkiklee !🀩 Ty!
@AwesomePlants awesome! glad that worked out!

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