Posted 2w ago by @Icecreemman100

The seed I found in a cutie orange has sprouted, this is so exciting. #CitrusGrandPrix
Oooh cute happy growing ❀
Omg @pettiteplants @sarahsalith we have another one for the #CitrusGrandPrix !!!
@RJG woo hoo!! Bring on the competition!!
Dakota!! On your mark, get set, GROW!!
My Little and Speedy got a head start!
(also make sure to add the hash tag to your post so we don't lose it ) πŸ«£πŸ™‚
@RJG I have no idea how to do that
@Icecreemman100 do you have a ... in the top right corner of the post?
@RJG ok, got it. Thanks
@Icecreemman100 excellent! Welcome to the "race"
Also if you join the community at the top it will appear in your timeline more often!
@RJG @sarahsalith @Icecreemman100 ooh!! Adorable,
My 2nd lemon seeds aren't sprouting so easily but I will be CONSUMING oranges like no tomorrow to catch up 😁

For now, heres an update on my top candidate lol
@pettiteplants LETS GOOOOOOO
@pettiteplants Unbeleafable! They are so big!!

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