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Ugh! Apparently I was too tough when repotting😞. I got carried away trying to clean the root balls to put better soil on them. Hopefully they recover. Any tips for recovery? I’m guessing I just have to wait and hope. #CalatheaCrew
@user5109 they love love humidity and plus it could be going thru transplant shock. Mist them daily that will help with the browning of the leaves. Also watch your watering. It will yellow the leaves.
I’m working on humidity - the room there in is currently at 55%. Thanks!
Hang in there! I recently repotted a Calathea that had recovered from spider mites but the soil was yucky 🤮 from the Neem. She fainted big time. Thought she was a goner. Trimmed super browning leaves- it was an either she’ll make it or not moment. I didn’t look in on her for a day or two fearing what I’d find. She actually looks perkier today so I’m hopeful. Give it time to get over the stress. 👍😊🪴
@MariansOasis - thanks! I got carried away watching too many youtube videos on repotting calatheas. My Freddie calathea was recovering from spider mites and I really cleaned that one and the roots. I’ve lost half of the leaves since repotting but it seems to be looking a litter stronger.
@user5109 yeah as a first time spider mite experience I got a little overzealous with the Neem and probably suffocated mine. Hence the repotting/fresh soil 🤪. Sometimes the internet can send us over the top trying to do the right thing. 😜😝🤯. Well now we’ve got these experiences under our belts!!!
You got this! Calathea's are dramatic. She probably in transplant shock. Make sure you water her with distilled, rain water, or filtered water. They also thrive in humid environment. Crossing my fingers and hoping she makes it!
@MariansOasis hey 👋🏽 a tip. Put them in the shower (as long as in we’ll draining pot) drown those insufferable lil 🤬 spider mites. Then spray the neem once it’s dry from the shower.
Also, know that bone shot of neem May. It be enough. Might want to treat it once a week for awhile.
@Vinxy2 thanks 🙏!!

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