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Hey guys, jw... If I was wanting to put these in 1.75" pots should I do it now or wait till the "mother" leaf dies? These are my first succ props so I'm not sure... 🀷 #succulentsquad #succulentlove #succulentbabies #jade #jadeplant #propagationstation
I would wait and let them get a bit more established 1st.
I would wait. Wait until that leaf falls away on its own. I've killed lots of props by moving them around when I should have been leafing them alone. πŸ˜–
I agree with @Shaubplantshack it's best to wait until the "mother" leaf does and the babies are bigger. I've got a couple of my first tiny ones too, it's hard not to want to plant them, but I am leaving them where they are!
Okay πŸ˜… @Shaubplantshack @sarahsalith @Sassylimey as hard as it is I'll try to remain patient and leave them on this tray till the main leaf dies off... πŸ–€ Thanks y'all!
Yeah, it is better to wait!
Your babies are so cute. I have never had any luck with prop with a leaf like that but I keep trying.

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