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My Alocasia looks like a completely different plant! It’s...

My Alocasia looks like a completely different plant! It’s been through a lot in my care but just keeps on surprising me! How many babies do you count?!? Now should I leave them for a potentially fuller plant or do I separate them and have MORE PLANTS!?!? #AlocasiaSilverDragon #Alocasia #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
1ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Oooh! What a great conundrum! Personally, I like to see a full pot! You just have to be aware that you might be up-potting pretty soon. (:
@sarahsalith my thoughts exactly and truthfully…I’m in need of bigger pots…not more of them😂
Dragon scales are a marvel when done right and a nightmare when they have issues. If you want to separate, I would go for it and see if there’s a local professional that’ll guide you through it. I had an inkling I should separate mine but by the time I acted… It cost me half my plant. When they grow too fast, they start to feed off of each other. And if they get a fungus, which they are easily susceptible to bad fungus, that will look the same.

If you’re keeping them together, give them cinnamon every two weeks. neem oil and other products don’t penetrate their leaves deep enough to stop a fungus.
@PlantJedi just sprinkle the cinnamon in the soil?
@Amateurbotany yep… no harm will come to the plant. If you get cinnamon on the leaves, just brush it off because it could dry out. However, it doesn’t seem like the stem is affected by cinnamon.