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Update on my pineapple that I propagated from a grocery store pineapple. It is now getting new growth in the center. I think all those old outer leaves that are brown will eventually fall off when it gets more growth from the center. #Pineapple
I like that idea
Wow how long did this take
@Cal3b not long. About two weeks to grow roots in water and then I planted it in soil on June 15
It’s now even taller
@srdesigns omg I’m going to try this!
@Cal3b what I did is grabbed the green leafs on the pineapple and gave it a twist to pop them off. It leaves a little bit of a pointy base that you stick in water. But let it dry out a couple of days before putting it in water. It helps to prevent rot and disease. First on I tried I did not do that step and it rotted
Oh and don’t put it in direct sun until a little while after you pot it.
@srdesigns thank you sm can’t wait!
Pineapples are easy to prop. I have the of them. With one I experimented by taking all the dead leaves off the stem and propagating in water, it's growing like crazy. I also propagated one without removing all those dried leaf tips from the stem and it's doing great. Those dried leaves will not fall off. You'll see new growth from the middle of the plant.

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