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What was I thinking getting a ponytail palm!?… Tao thinks it’s a spool of curling ribbons there just for her enjoyment! 😱😢 I tried putting it away on the top of a bookshelf, but that only resulted on her doing more climbing!… 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Poor Albert, looks like he’ll soon go from mad-scientist mane to a buzz cut!… 🙄 #CatsOfGreg #PetsOfGreg #PetsAndPlants
I spray them with water 🤷🏽‍♀️ they hate itttt
@jcPlantProper She’s weird, I don’t think she minds being sprayed with water… Lol
How are your kitties doing? Are they getting along well? I want to see pics of them together!… 💕
@BeesZenGarden here’s some
@BeesZenGarden they’re so happy together. I love it. But yeah I put cold water in it and after a few sprays they know the sound of the sprayer if they mess w the plants or anything
@jcPlantProper Awww, they are the cutest! Same little stained nose! 😍 It’s awesome they get along well!! 🤗 Are they watching birds on the last pic, or squirrels?… 😂😝
@BeesZenGarden birds! Haha and lizards 🦎
@jcPlantProper 😂🤣 Mine gets fascinated by the lizards!… (the perks of Florida, right?… 😄)
I’m the yin to your yang — I literally bought a ponytail palm JUST for my cat because I know cats LOVE them lmao 😂 good luck!
@lazyplantparent That’s hilarious!! 😂🤣 I tend to stick to cat grass in my kitty offerings. Lol 😆
@Sassylimey, my crazy cat doesn’t seem to mind citrus oils as she’s come to sniff them when I work with Essential Oils. I am an aromatherapy student and would never use EOs this way around my cat. Most of them are toxic for cats (who cannot metabolize them) and especially the citrus ones. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe I should make something with bananas? It’s the only thing so far she seems to dislike!… 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
You can put a little Cayenne pepper or cinnamon on top of the soil! it does not hurt the plant and it will kill fungus gnats also!  cats will sneeze and it will deter them!
@BeesZenGarden water with banana peel water? And spray with it!! Potassium is a natural “fertilizer” and is super healthy for plants, and if your kitty doesn’t like it then it’s also a cat repellent! 😅
The roots of the ponytail palm where they curl remind me of the cat scratchers. I think Tao likes how it feels. At least she’s not eating it!
@Lynnja She’s eating the leaves. Truth be told, when I run my fingers through them, I feel like I’m touching rough curling ribbons. It even makes the same noise… 😅 No wonder she likes it!… 🤣
@tango Now that’s an interesting idea! I’ve never made banana peel water. Doesn’t it stink? And if your bananas weren’t organic, aren’t you watering your plant with pesticides?… 🤔😅
@FairFicus That’s a great idea… I’ll try the cinnamon, although I think my crazy cat might like that smell too! 🤪 Cayenne might be more effective but it will make ME sneeze!… 😝
@BeesZenGarden - too funny. I guess I’m lucky my cat only licks the leaves😀
Here was his debut with mine
@Lynnja Your ponytail palm looks so good!!… 😍 Mine was clearly neglected at Walmart and only has half his roots still attached 😭 but they refused to discount it “nothing wrong with that one”!… 🤦🏻‍♀️ I had pity and took it home. Hopefully he’ll recover fully and start growing!… 😅

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