Posted 3w ago by @RJG

hey y'all wanna watch me repot stuff and chat?

Catch me next time. Join the community tags!
#MeetRJG #RJGHangsWithGreg
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I got to see the greenhouse 🏑 β˜€οΈ
My hubby is upstairs w someone getting ceiling fans installed. I can pop in in a bit and be nosy
I wish there was a pay to tag everyone
1 plant down 4 more to go. Check out Speedy's #RootPorn
I want to but driving πŸ’€
You should post it on your moments too
Too much noise here and I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. Catch y'all another time, though!! (:
2 down 3 to go! I have to cook dinner once I'm done so don't miss me πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€
@PlantMompy joined!

And I'm 3/5 of the way done!
Oooo is she still there
Yep @jcPlantProper! Come check in on the Moonshine!
4/5!! Y'all better hurry!
@jcPlantProper and @PlantMompy are both here if you wanna ask about the restock tomorrow
@RJG did you repot 2 without gloves?
@Kace Nope! Bare handed 🫣
@jcPlantProper YAH @jcPlantProper SAW AND GOT TO GO IN (VIRTUALLY) THE #BackyardGreenhouse
Sucks I missed it 😞
YO THIS IS A THING NOW?? omg i wish we were in the same time zones :( would have loved to see all your cacti and the fuzzy ficus
@BunnyMummy there will be more!

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