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Rattlesnake plant in prayer position!

Prayer plant praying!!
I got some good pics of my #RattlesnakePlant #PrayerPlant in prayer position last night. It’s the neatest thing! #PlantsAreAmazing #GodMakesBeautifulPlants #PrayEveryday I am so excited to bring Sara out into the common area of the house so we can enjoy her beauty.
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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Those rattlesnake plants are so stunning. Are they hard to grow ?
@SportyWhiskfern thank you!!! I got this one from Amazon and it came from a grower called Rooted. It came this beautiful and remains to be this beautiful. (Thankfully). It says they are moderately hard to grow as they can be divas and when she was caught in the crossfire of my window AC unit she definitely showed me she didn’t like it. When I moved her away from the breeze she did great. They are SO BEAUTIFUL and I’d love to get some more!!
They are beautiful! And yours is gorgeous. If I run into one I think I will give one a try. πŸ₯°