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Checking for root rot in your plants

How I check the #roots #rootball and assess #RootRot

I’m posting this since I teach it on peoples’ posts all the time 😎

I gently take the plant completely out of the pot, it is easier to do when the soil is dry. The roots should be white or yellow in color, firm to the touch if you squeeze them between two fingers, and have a fresh earthy smell. If the roots look brown, slimy, really squishy to the touch, or smell rotten, then that is a root rot issue.

if that is the case, I would switch out the soil with fresh soil, use sterilized tools to clip off all of the brown rotting roots, spray the hell out of it with hydrogen peroxide, and let it air dry for about 15 minutes. Then I like to cover the root ball with cinnamon, then repot it. I actually will also mix additional cinnamon throughout the soil as I repot, and then sprinkle it on top.

Root rot will spread and end up killing the plant but it is a pretty easy fix! The plant will probably not have a lot of new growth above the surface for a bit, but it’ll definitely be working hard underground!

Causes of root rot are overwatering, “wet feet” (the plant’s roots are sitting in wetness like a soil that’s too dense and doesn’t drain or dry out), and my nemesis f$!king POTS WITH NO DRAINAGE HOLES AAAAAAH. Ok rant over. 😎

My root rot fixin’ BFFs - hydrogen peroxide (you can dilute it but I don’t since I use a spray form), ground cinnamon, really clean really sharp scissors or tools that I only use for plants.
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thanks. i’ll give it a try
This cinnamon method is interesting, could you tell me a bit more about why you use it? Seems like it works well for you though!
@jjswale hi! Sure - pests hate it, and it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial. But I find it’s not as harsh as, for example, hydrogen peroxide. In my mind it’s cheap and easy, and has no risk!
Thank you so much for this information. I appreciate you very much!
Thank you!!!!