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Another beautiful #SundayMorning. Weather permitting I may put some Mums in the flower bed later in the day. Until then, I’ll be soaking up this morning sun along with the plants πŸ₯°
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Beautiful!!! Show me more of the wall mount holding the birkin!!??!?!!!
how pretty 🀩
@angelw1975 Heres some pictures with bonus Lucy the cat. Those are 8” pot rings from Amazon. I got a bigger size so that I wouldn’t need to change them out as my plants get repotted.

I wrapped twine in a triangular pattern so that pots can sit down in them towards the front.

I need to add wire to one because I put too heavy of a pot in and it and stretched it out. I like the look though and it’s wife approved!

Plant Holder Ring 8 Inch 6-Pack
@Beeps those are awesome! And hi Lucy! How pretty is she 🀍
@BalancedBonsai Thanks! Don’t let the devil herself fool you. Her full name is Lucifurr
@Beeps hahahaha I love it! 😹
@Beeps Lucifurr πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ’€. Btw your plants look amazing! What a beautiful collection!πŸ₯°
@MariansOasis thanks so much ☺️
I LOVE THIS! The little fall flair with the pumpkinsβ€”how cute! And your plants are styled so nicely. They are all so healthy and lush, too!
@beeps that is awesome! I have one of those large plant hangers but it was too big for any pot I would want to put in ot so it has been lying around for months!!! You just gave it life!!!
@angelw1975 share it with us once you get it set up!
@beeps Wow these are beautiful pics! I don’t think you were on Greg when we did the #SpringIntoSummer photo contest, but these would have been contenders!
@Colin thanks! I was but I wasn’t. I had mostly outdoor plants and I too went dormant over winter πŸ˜…

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