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Foliage or flowers? Why do you have the plants you have ? Is it cause the flowers 🌸 or the foliage 🌱? Personally I LOVE straight up pretty foliage! Flowers only last a while but foliage FOREVER #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #foliage #flowers
I MEAN COME ON. I’ve taken all of these pics at the farm and I just stand in awe. No flowers needed
Team foliage
Foliage. I’m obsessed with greens. Flowers are pretty, but I, personally, love the waxy leaves and the variated patterns πŸͺ΄πŸ˜©
I'm definitely team foliage. I struggle with depression so having other living things in my space that I can actually interact with and that need me to tend to them really helps me!
Foliage for sure πŸͺ΄
folly itch team😎
Always foliage; flowers are just a plus.

I know @SubTrop has something about flowers in his bio so maybe he's the odd man out. (:
@jcPlantProper wow those are simply gorgeous. I’m loving the foliage. @sarahsalith what plant did you order from Plant Proper? It’s beautiful and I want one. I can’t find your post.
FOLIAGE!! i don’t mind getting flowers but it’s a bit of a hassle for me bc the bugs seem to like them a bit too much + i can’t use systemics outside since i don’t want to become a pollinator murderer. also the flowers go away in the colder seasons and then i have a boring (sorry!!) plant for the next few months that i’m not going to enjoy until it blooms again… not worth it imo
@sarahsalith I like leaves if they can be eaten.
@SubTrop got any tips for getting Thai Basil to be the size of a small tree? The winter killed it this year. 😣
@sarahsalith sorry to hear that. Just plenty of light!

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