Posted 1w ago by @Sxlli

Happy 3 months for my #stringofpearls πŸ¦₯✨

Still alive and thriving yay hahah
Look how much she grew!
#sop #growth
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Don’t forget to tag #SpringIntoSummer onyour photos and posts for a chance to win a plant! πŸ’š
Those are thriving
I find mine can get a little spacey between pearls like yours, while others grow close together! I wonder if you've heard any tips for that?
@pettiteplants tbh I don't know why.. Mine had a phase where some pearls dryed off I just don't worry to much about it as long as there aren't bugs 😬
@Sxlli fair enough! πŸ˜… mine also had that happen so it could be related πŸ€” beautiful plant!

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