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Jelly been propagations Had a load of leaves fall off whe...

Jelly been propagations
Had a load of leaves fall off when repotting a a few weeks back, went and placed them on top of soil and grit, light misting every couple of days. And not most have rooted and started showing leaves forming. I dont think I have had this many leaves root šŸ˜. Let's ignore the Haworthia in the bottom, i plucked it off the main plant too soon but its starting to root. #succulentsquad #sedum #jellybeans #propagationstation #plantsmakepeoplehappy
OMG, please give me all your secrets. Iā€™m trying to propagate my succulents, but they keep drying out and I just decided to let them fall off in their own pots and keep them there until they grow roots and leaves. Please tell me any tips that I would need to grow some like that.
@NewToSucculents Hey Honey, some of it is more luck than not. I have found that Crassulas like jades prop better by stem cuttings than leaves, sedums are quite happy with leaves, same with aloes. Im trying to prop a Fenestraria by leaves but not having much luck. Haworthias from the little offshots that pop up are pretty easy. I have not tired Echeverias though but heard they can be quite good from leaves.

Cuttings are the only thing i use a mister (every day or two then slowly cut back once they start rooting) for with my succulents as this helps keep the leaves moist but not wet and the soil moist enough that roots will try and find it. You need to give them lots of light mostly and alot of it so a South window is best, but east/west are good. And some rooting powder also helps to get them rooting.
I have been experimenting with whats best to put them on and i think soil is a bit easier but here i am trying some fine gravel. I have also found a small saucer or pot is better than a big one this one is a 9cm pot but quite shallow probably no more than 3" deep
The leaves will dry up a bit as they use the water to grow roots but shouldn't go fully dry.
Im sure youll get there and find something that works for you, just takes some patience.