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Replanting broken lilac branches: worth it?

This is not indoor plant related… the heavy snow over the weekend broke three large branches off of my lilac bushes outside. I am not pleased to say the least. When I say large…. Easily 4-6 feet were broken off. My bushes are probably 10 feet tall. Are they just done because there aren’t roots attached to them? Or should I try and replant the broken off branches somewhere else and see if they take a hold and grow? #lilac #MichiganGang
I don't think the branches that broke will grow. I'm sorry the snow broke your lilac. I believe the bushes will sprout new growth once spring gets here.
Welcome to Greg Kathryn 🍃🌱🌿🥰
@KookyKalanchoe Hello 👋 and welcome to Greg, Kathryn!
I’ve grown lilac from soft wood cuttings- so some of the softer wood on the broken branches may respond well to being trimmed off, dipped in a rooting hormone and planted in moist, well draining dirt, tent it and mist it a few times a day until you see evidence of rooting. Good luck!
Welcome to Greg! I think only the soft wood will grow if you know exactly where to cut. The older growth may not root but you can start new pots via softer cuttings. So sorry to hear you’ve lost those branches. There’s no harm in trying to save what you can.
@AnthuriumQueen that makes sense…. I can try and trim down some of it into smaller amounts and put it and go from there…. Maybe leaving it on my front porch in pits so that it is still outside and in the same environment?
@KookyKalanchoe I think that would work. I’d try it and see what happens.
@AnthuriumQueen I will! Thank you!