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Some new babies! Finally got me sweet little peperomia verticillatas back!!! So freaking stoked!!!! #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #peperomiapals #plantmafia #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantsmademedoit #welcometothethunderdom #thunderdome #krunchytime #plantstash
What is the one with the red leaves? It looked like berries at first. Gorgeous, I’ve never seen that.
Beautiful new babies, I know they'll be happy in your care πŸ’—πŸ€©
The new babies are amazing. Each one looks so fresh and happy. πŸ’š
@AC73LoveCats those are my sweet baby peperomia verticillata red log!!!! I used to have a bunch I saved from Walmart and they were thriving and then either my 2 year gave them some extra tlc they didn't like or my dog gave them asparagus pee and they just gave up in a blink of an eye. There haven't been any anywhere around me since. I've ordered a butt ton but they never make the trip EXCEPT for theeesssseeee babies!!!! Ugh I can't express how happy I am to have them back in my life. They are some of my favorite 😍 @Sassylimey @Pegster thank you!!! β™₯︎
Wow, I bet you are beyond excited to get them again! They are so beautiful! I have never even seen a picture of anything like that. Such bright red! I am sure you are going to treat this one like gold!!!! Congratulations!!
These are the ones I had before. They still aren't nearly as vibrant as the new ones but I love them soooo much. @AC73LoveCats
@KrunchyWrap I am sure you do! I am unclear, are these ones you had before or still have? They are cute and little. I can see that they probably get their red colored leaves when they grow bigger?
@AC73LoveCats the picture in the post are the new ones. The one I put in the comments are the ones I used to have. They actually have vibrant red color when they are Itty bitty. The stems get more vibrant as they grow and then turn into a darker reddish brown . The top of the leaves are soooo gorgeous. It's like someone put a drop of water on it and that's whagmt you're looking through to see the different color greens.
@KrunchyWrap Thank you for explaining. I have never even seen pictures of these before. I can see why you are so excited. Show more pictures later, please!

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