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Opal's variegated string of pearls transformation

Check out the 3 month #BeforeAndAfter of Opal my Variegated String of Pearls. She's definitely enjoyed being apart of the #GregGang and is #SpringIntoSummer certified! #BackyardGreenhouse #RJGroup #CentralTexasGang #HappyPlants #NewGrowth
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
@martin @alex I love how easy the gallery makes this post #GregTeamDreamTeam
Awesome glow up! 🀩
Really like those hanging pots! Where did you get them?
@calvina they're all over austin nurseries. I wonder if it's a local austin vendor πŸ€”
@sarahsalith did you see I picked one with Pearl in the back for the glow up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
@RJG I don’t see them a round here. I love how clean the lines are.
@calvina I agree! Im normally a color guy but succulents are so pretty they do all the work.
That is one amazing glow up! I’m just happy mine isn’t dead yet lol
Ooooh how nice! I just got mines yesterday and set her in the sun next to her sister Pearleta and I swear she's plumped up already. Any tips and tricks to share sir?? :)
@ManyLime I wish I knew. I just keep them in the #BackyardGreenhouse which is full sun w a 50% shade cloth and then follow Greg watering recommendations.
@RJG ahhh. Well hopefully this one will follow suit be juicy like her sister.. I was thinking of grabbing another one from the place I got her from since she's so small.. join them in 1 pot
@ManyLime that's what I did. Originally had two v small ones cause they were $8 each Vs a big one that was like $30
@RJG exactly! Mines was 6.95 even tho it was labeled 10.95.. so I'll grab another when I get another chance and put them together since the one I got is stingy lol
The glow up is so good! You did a great job, I really badly want a variegated string of pearls…or variegated string of ______
She looks fantastic!😊
Looks fantastic!
Hey @pjavier easier to talk here in a thread not about to be top post. Can you send me a screenshot of the email?
Which one the one a while ago or yesterday’s
@RJG sorry K handles this stuff and she's got the day off and I don't wanna bug her πŸ˜‚
You tagged yourself πŸ˜‚
Ok it’s fine
And I’m afraid I deleted all the email from the HousePlantShop ones
Yesterday @pjavier
@pjavier so this maybe different because it's lifetime and no purchase is required
@RJG like I've always had supergreg cause I started on a referral and then got added to lifetime as part of the beta team and I've never had to go through a purchase screen
Same, but it still doesn’t work and that’s the only thing I can think of
Wait it’s lifetime? What did I do
First how do I even tell if I have super Greg or not
When I tap Super Greg > at the top this is what comes up
@RJg is this a super Greg feature? Because if it is then I’ve had Super Greg this whole time
@pjavier yes! And the watering reminders. And the ask an expert. And soon fertilizer reminders
@pjavier lol this is not super Greg
@RJG Thank you!!! But I still don’t understand what I did to get this
@pjavier I thought we were inviting you to the beta too. That maybe in another email πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@pjavier that's why
Wait what I’m really confused now
I got one email it was the super Greg and beta team?
@pjavier we have a Beta tester group. They get a version of the app before everyone else to test it out. You've been super active and helpful so I thought you'd enjoy being part of it. And as a reward for being part of the beta and helping us out, you get lifetime super Greg
@RJG I definitely would! But no email
@pjavier I think you should have a second email inviting you to the beta. It wouldn't be from K it would be from Test flight I think
Every time I get a notification I have to scroll down a bunch πŸ˜‚

I’ll check again
@pjavier yah we need chat or threading or the ability for notifications to take you directly to comments
Nope checked 3 more times
What email would you want to use to sign up? Also you need to download the app TestFlight @pjavier
@RJG I don’t know why I used my iCloud for this but I’d wanna use my gmail
@pjavier what is that. I'll like it when you can delete the comment
@pjavier okay last time checking email hopefully
Came in!
@pjavier I think there are instructions in the email. But you'll have to get TestFlight and then install three through test flight not the App Store
@RJG ok. Just waiting for the app to be approved πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
@pjavier oh by your folks?
Yes πŸ˜“
But @RJG starting this September I won’t be active because I’ll be in school (not homeschool)
So are you sure you want me?
@pjavier no worries or rush! The beta version rn that is out is the same as the App Store version! We should have a new beta version to test (with fertilizer) soon
@pjavier as long as you're around sometimes! we have 1000s in the beta program! ☺️
@RJG ok

This thread is going to be at the top of everyone’s screen because we’re commenting so much!
@RJG that makes me feel unspecial 🀣πŸ₯²
@pjavier no it won't! it's too old.
@pjavier NEVER! A lot of them aren't active at all. So comparatively you're doing better.
@RJG is sarahsalith one
@pjavier a beta tester?
@pjavier yes she is
What if my app gets denied
@pjavier you tried and enjoy super Greg and just stay active like you are! You're incredibly helpful on the timeline already as both a resource on how to do stuff in Greg and in building community. Take the #SolomonSealClub for example. ☺️
I think I’ll get it
@pjavier the app doesn't do anything different in beta. TestFlight is just a way for us to send you the newest version. It's like a Dev App Store but you have to be invited to each app to be able to use it.
@RJG so what do I do then
@pjavier Wdym?
What do I test if it’s the same?
@pjavier oh I mean like permissions and security wise. when we push new versions there it has new features. The next beta that goes out will be fertilizer ☺️
@RJG I see. What about dark mode πŸŒβ€”>🌚
@pjavier I wish..... my eyes they need it