Posted 5M ago by @Mindbodyplants

Spider mites on my white princess philodendron?

‼️😳 Guys we got a problem, I was admiring my white princess philodendron Charlie & I notice some bugs I believe to be spider mites 😱😭 & it doesn’t end there apparently my white wizard ozzy has them too I haven’t inspected my pink princess Priya but they are all getting a thorough cleaning 😟😵
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@Mindbodyplants I just had to deal with this. They got into my aroid grow tent. Felt like my soul was sliding my back side lol. Take it from me it Would be prudent to assume all of your plants could have them—or have had them for months! Apparently that’s how long it can take for an “infestation” lol