Posted 1M ago by @Roserade

It’s finally arrived after 12 hrs on the UPS truck and it’s Gorgeous! Now to think of a name 🤔! @jcPlantProper #PlantProperFanClub #PlantProperThursday #philodendronsilverstripe #PhiloFlock #Philodendron
Yay!!!! She’s so pretty!!
@jcPlantProper I’m already obsessed. She’s just gorgeous!
It's so pretty 😍

I have a pair of these that I name Sylvia and Stripes. I'm sure you'll find a cool name for this one soon
@Roserade My sterling silver scindapus is named after Jimmy Johnson because the leaves remind me of his hair.

So I just googled famous people with a gray hair streak (for an unsolicited name suggestion 😂) and one of the results was McDreamy.
@Kace OMG you NAILED IT! Plus I Looooove Grey’s Anatomy!!!! Thank you!!!
@Roserade WooHoo! Happy to help! 🙃

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