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My mom gave me her maidenhair fern - it’s another one of her plants that she has had since I was around one year old which makes it about 32 years old. It’s not in the healthiest condition, though - it’s sitting in a terracotta pot inside of a glazed pot and when I lifted the inner pot the roots were really long out the bottom of the pot, black and slimy, and a big chunk broke off as I lifted it. It has a good amount of green healthy fronds but also quite a few dying brown ones. It’s clearly in need of repotting - bigger pot, new soil and a good trim (including the rotted roots). I’m nervous about doing that much work on it as well as it being moved to a new home though. It has lived in her shower til now. I hope I can rehab it and not kill it! It’s almost as old as I am. If anyone has any advice I’d welcome it! #MaidenHairFern
definitely trim with sanitized shears and repot! give it a pot that has drainage but can still retain moisture, like plastic or glazed clay. they need high moisture/humidity. don’t let the soil dry out and mist 2x a day. keep out of direct light too :) has it ever been fertilized?
@opheliaio thanks heaps. I have a smaller maidenhair that I’ve been working with so I know the basics thankfully which should help me. I’m definitely going to get it out of the terracotta! I don’t know for sure about the fertiliser, I’ll find out but I doubt it
Wow! What a lovely gift from your mama. Give it a few hours of direct morning sun (east facing window in the northern hemisphere) keep it moist and you’ll have it lush and full in no time.
@Nataleaf thank you. Yours is gorgeous!

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