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If y’all live in Kentucky then you know how hot it’s been lately and where we haven’t had much rain in the past week my outside plants are wilting and I don’t know what to do?? Someone help me solve this because my plants look very sad… oh and the dogs also decided it was there plant in this would to mess half my plants up so they don’t that 😭
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I try to soak my plants very thoroughly at night or early in the morning, so they can absorb it and get hydrated before facing the relentless sun. (I’m not watering my succulents until the heat wave is over, though.) I like nice deep planters so they don’t dry out too quickly deep down inside.
I just went out and hosed mine down. I used the garden/shower setting. If the plant and soil get soaked, I mark it as watered. If it's just cooling off the foliage, I don't mark it as watered. BUT I do have to water more often in this heat.
@sarahsalith yeah I also just went out and watered mine with the hose the heat is soo bad where
@Jana85 yeah I’m gonna have to start doing that because They are wilting

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